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Vietnam Noodle House

25 Aug

I went to the Vietnam Noodle House on Main St. in  Nashua, NH the other night. I’ve been meaning to go there for ages.

It was really late, so I was glad to see they were still open, and still taking sit down customers (they have huge take out popularity).

I was overjoyed to see that half the menu was vegan AND the vegan menu including appetizers were listed first! I Hate having to search forever in a menu to find anything.

Mike was glad to see that they also offered omnivore options too.
We Split the vegan egg rolls. They were AWESOME! the best I’ve ever had! perfectly crispy, not oily, and the presentation was lovely. We ate it with the spicy “rooster sauce” (watch out, it’s super spicy)

For my meal I order the house special which was like stir fried veggies with tofu and their three types of marinated seitan (mock beef, mock pork, and mock chicken). The veggies were nice and firm, just how I like them. This was piled high over a bed of broad noodles (resembled wide egg noodles). I loved this dish but next time I’ll try a different noodle.

My meal was only $7.50 and there was enough for great leftovers lunch the next day.

The staff was a bit slow but super polite and friendly resulting in the tip of a lifetime 🙂

The decor is comically weak, but the food speaks for itself.

I can’t wait to go back here!

Anyone want to go with me?



Steaz: The second best drink in the world

16 Aug

I stumbled across this beverage at A Market, in Manchester, New Hampshire. I first tried the Lime-Pomegranate and loved it! The next time I was in the area, I stopped at A Market again just to pick up a few more cans. I was disappointed to see that they were out of the Lime-Pomegranate and decided to try their Zero Calorie Peach Mango. HEAVEN! Not too sweet, but with strong fruit flavors. I cannot recommend these enough!

Last week, after searching all the Shaw’s and Stop N Shops in the area and still could not find any cans of Steaz, I returned to A Market to purchase a case of the Peach Mango. They also had a new flavor I decided to try: Blueberry Pomegranate Acai. Very delicious, but still not as good as the Peach Mango.

I picked up the Mint iced tea for my husband, Tim. I just tried it and hated it, but I think it reminded me too much of peppermint schnapps. 😉 Tim said it was pretty good.

I plan on going to A Market again tomorrow to try the Unsweetened Lemon. I will let you know how it is!

Restaurant Review: Agave in Portsmouth, NH ***

15 Aug

Agave is a Mexican bistro in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I went there this past Saturday for a friend’s birthday. Fortunately for me, one of her other friends is a vegan! We sat next to each other to look over the menu. We both decided on the Classic Burrito with veggies. The waitress told us that their refried beans were NOT vegetarian, so we both opted for the black beans. Since we chose not to have cheese or sour cream, my veteran vegan friend politely asked for it to be replaced with guacamole at no additional cost. I need to take some lessons from her on how to be more assertive with restaurant staff!

In the end, our meal was fabulous! I would Agave 3 out of 5 stars. The food was delicious, but it was one of only a few vegan options.

Agave has another location in Newburyport, Massachusetts which, from what I heard, has better food, even though it is the same menu.