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Beer Bread, Pasta Sauce, and Granola Bars

3 Sep

I recently purchased “Every Day Happy Herbivore” and LOVE everything I have made so far! Here are a few of the things I made today:


Beer bread using Shipyard’s Pumpkinhead to give it a little bit of a pumpkin-y flavor


Creamy Sun-dried Tomato Pasta Sauce with quinoa pasta. DELICIOUS!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bars

A little sweet and a little savory

23 Aug

I recently subscribed to the Happy Herbivore’s 7 day meal plan with the hopes of losing a few pounds. One of the recipes I have already fallen in love with: Peanut Butter Cup Quinoa. It’s my new favorite way to start the day!


For dinner, I made corn fajitas. I sauteed some black beans with onion, cumin, salt, and black pepper. In a separate frying pan, I sauteed peppers and onions. I layered the beans and peppers on top of a corn tortilla with salsa and guacamole. Delicious!



What About Breakfast?

8 Aug

It seems as though I have failed to post anything about what I eat for breakfast (with the exception of my frittata, which was actually eaten for dinner!).

Here is a super simple shake that will help get you going in the morning!

I used one whole banana, one heaping tablespoon of protein powder, approximately 1 cup of chocolate soy milk and 3 ice cubes. I blended all the ingredients together using my immersion blender. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend them! Easy to use AND easy to clean! This is the one I own:

Kerri has a Ninja that she swears by, but for smaller things, I think this is great since the clean-up is minimal.

Enjoy your day and happy eating!


Homemade, Vegan Cinnamon Buns!

2 Aug

Guess what’s for breakfast? 🙂

Once again, thank you Happy Herbivore for the recipe!



Breakfast for dinner!

1 Aug

Breakfast for dinner!

Broccoli and Red Bell Pepper Frittata for dinner 🙂 Thank you, Happy Herbivore!