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Pictures of My Four-Legged Children

7 Aug

Just one of the many reasons why I have decided to go vegan… I love animals!

Lexi is a 5 year-old Bernese Mountain Dog. She is one of the sweetest dogs in the world and loves EVERYONE, including her brothers and sister.


This is Napalm, our 5 year-old reddish-orange Tabby. Tim named him, not me! He certainly lives up to his name. When he is hungry, he loves to knock over everything on our night stands. Every day, Tim finds his alarm clock in his trash can.


Linus is our 4 year-old, double-pawed, shy boy. He generally likes cats more than people, but loves when Tim and I give him belly rubs. He has the cutest little face!


This is our 14 year-old Miss Gladys. We adopted her when she was 11 years young. She is my snuggle bug… and she LOVES to talk!


This is our clown, Schroeder, who is almost 3 years-old. I found him at an ice cream shop when he was just a kitten. The staff told me he was a stray and since the shop was on a very busy road, I brought him home after giving them my contact information. Even after letting the humane society and police know that I had found him, no one came looking. I’m glad no one did, because he is such an amazing cat!