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24 Aug

Since starting the vegan diet back in February, I have noticed many benefits ranging from increased energy to fewer stomachaches. Unfortunately, I also noticed I was breaking out more often, specifically around my mouth. Some people said it was hormone-related others said it was my body detoxing. Keep in mind that even during adolescence, I never had any problems with acne.

Last week, I noticed I was breaking out more than usually and assessed my diet. I had several soy-based meals. This week, I decided to cut back on the soy. Sure enough, my skin is clear. It’s nice to know what most likely was the cause, but super disappointing that it is soy 😦 Obviously, this reaction isn’t severe enough for me to cut it out completely, especially since I have been eating soy for as long as I remember, just not in the same quantity as I have been recently.

My plan is to cut back on tofu and tempeh and focus more on beans and quinoa for protein. Any other suggestions?